A company, that contributes to sustainable development by providing studies. Seeking technical solutions of high quality, to ensure the interaction of the partners activies with the management of natural resources.

Founded in 2002 in the city of Mossoró, state of Rio Grande do Norte, the company began developing technical services in the field of geology with emphasis on exploration of calcareous rocks. Some years later PROGEL started offering services in the environmental segment directing its growth with focus on developing environmental studies and environmental licensing mainly in the industrial sector, miniing and oil industry. In parallel PROGEL structure the geo-proessing to attend internal and external demands.

In 2012 seeking to ensure a competitive edge and continuation of the business an internal reorganization process began and implementation of strategic planning for medium and long term, with a view of structuring commercial expansion of the company. Along started the process of certificado in ISO(International Organization for Standardization) to align the quality, zeal for environment and care for its employees.

Currenctly PROGEL holds business units in Mossoró, Natal and Fortaleza operating in the areas of environment, geology, geo-processing, engineering and topography.