ABOUT US / Certificates

In 2011, seeking continuous improvement in the quality of internal processes, products and services, the company started to implement actions towards certification in the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) standards.

PROGEL is certified in ISO 9001, which establishes the criteria for service quality and ISO 14001, which seeks to identify and control environmental impacts and constantly improve its environmental performance. Currently undergoing certification in OHSAS 18001, which seeks to eliminate the risks of accidents, ensuring protection of the company´s employees and consequently a reduction of occupational risks.

In 2015 the company became affiliated with the National Quality Foundation – FNQ, receiving certificate from the institution for action and support the dissemination of the foundations and criteria of excellence to improve management in organizations. The partnership with FNQ was strengthened with the inauguration of the executive board of PROGEL the Board of Trustees of the Foundation for the triennium 2016-2019.

In order to assume more effectively their socio-environmental responsibility, the PROGEL is part of the training process at the Ethos Institute of Business and Social Responsibility. The initiative is part of a project developed by the Institute in partnership with the Brazilian Service of Support to Micro and Small Businesses in Rio Grande do Norte (SEBRAE-RN). The training, begun in 2016, lasts one year.