Our services

Engineering and Topography

The development of topograph and engineering projects are premises for the execution of a precise construction, avoiding unnecessary delays, minimizing the risks and expenses. Aware of this, PROGEL develops several surveys that are independent of the nature or size of the business.


Caring for the environment became a premise for all business segments. In this sense PROGEL presents to its partners a wide experience in developing environmental studies and environmental licensing mainly to the industrial sector, energy sector, mining and oil industry. The products generated seek to contribute to the preservation of the environment and to the environmental viability of the projects.


The technical services developed by PROGEL in the area of geology and mining are defined from a methodology aimed at presenting technical solutions and continued agility in implementation in order to attend the small and large miners.


The use of geo-processing techiniques is essentail in raising lots of information within society and the environment. The services performed in this segment by PROGEL are grounded in collection of field data, remote sensing and processing of spatial and geo-referenced data.